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Betty Crocker Molten Chocolate Cake Lip Balm
  Betty Crocker Molten Chocolate Cake Warm Delight Flavoured lip balm ..
Care Bears 2 in 1 Lip Gloss
  Care Bears  2 in 1  Lip shine and a Body glitter 2 in 1 pack. ..
Cocoa Puffs Chocolate Lip Balm
  Cocoa Puffs  Lip Balm Chocolate Flavoured ..
Lip Smacker Strawberry Treats Trio Lip Gloss's
  Lip Smacker  Strawberry Treats collection Kiwi and Limeade Lip Gloss ..
Lotta Luv Bubble Gum & Cherry Blow Pop Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv  Bubble Gum and Cherry Flavoured 2 in 1 Lip gloss   ..
Lotta Luv Bubble Gum & Sour Apple Blow Pop Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv Bubble Gum and Sour Apple Candy corner Mirror & lip gloss  ..
Lotta Luv Chocolate Tootsie Roll Lip Balm
  Lotta Luv Tootsie Roll Chocolate flavoured Lip balm ..
Lotta Luv Cool Mint Icebreakers Lip Balm
  Lotta Luv Mint Icebreakers Cool mint flavoured Lip balm ..
Lotta Luv Grape Pez  Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv  Grape Flavoured Keeps lips soft and sweet Lip gloss ..
Lotta Luv Icebreakers Sours Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv  Icebreakers Sours flavoured lip gloss ..
Lotta Luv Mint Chocolate Junior Mints Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv Mint chocolate flavoured lip gloss on a key chain. ..
Lotta Luv Reeses Chocolate Peanut Butter Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv Reeses Chocolate peanut butter flavoured lip gloss.   ..
Lotta Luv Sweettarts Cherry Lip  Gloss
  Lotta Luv Cherry light up lip gloss. ..
Lotta Luv Twizzlers Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv Twizzlers Strawberry flavoured light up lip gloss. ..
Lotta Luv Walt Whimisical Watermelon Disney Lip Gloss
  Lotta Luv Lipgloss Walt Disney Whimsical watermelon Glistening lip gloss and cand..
The Wright Cosmetics

We sell quality makeup at low, low, prices. We stock makeup from major brands such as L'Oréal, MAC Cosmetics and Maybelline amongst others. We also sell makekup from other well-known brands such as Barry M, Betty Crocker, Body Collection, Clinique, Cover Girl, Revlon, Rimmel and many others.